• Mark Lewis

    Lewis is a modern abstract pop art portrait artist from Akron, Ohio [CLICK FOR VIDEO]

    Mark Lewis was born in Akron, Ohio, in 1958; raised in Charter Oak, California.He was educated at Citrus College in Glendora, California and Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California. Marks’ career path has certainly been an eventful one. After serving honorably in the United States Navy he returned to open three Vocational Schools in Covina, Califorina, Orange, California and Cerritos, California. Mark then delved into the performing arts. He spent years as a successful actor, appearing in numerous movies and television programs. Ultimately turning his focus to painting, Mark brought his expansive life adventures, raw talent and inspiration to the canvas, for he instills an immense beauty and creativity in the work that flows from his palette. He achieves that rare feat among artists of creating an unspoken dialog between artist and viewer in his work. Lewis’ paintings have been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout the U.S.

    questioningtomorrowAE-NF-500px.jpg RedMarilyn-500px.jpg
  • Chris Dellorco

    Former artist for Disney [CLICK FOR VIDEO]

    For the past 15 years, Chris has been widely considered one of Disneys top illustrators for print advertising, specializing in Home Video packaging. His covers range from the award winning "The Lion King", to the recent "Lilo and Stitch" and everything in between. If you own one of Disney´s animated titles on VHS or DVD, there´s a good chance that Chris created the cover. A native of Los Angeles, Chris grew up in the Hollywood Hills, amidst movie stars, famous musicians, artists, and filmmakers in the 1970´s. "Laurel Canyon in the 70´s, has been likened to Paris in the ‘20s. Everywhere you looked; you would see and interact with the cultural icons of that very dynamic time."

    TheWhiteSwansm.jpg A Drifting Memory-500px.jpg
  • Nicholas Yust

    Welcoming Nicholas Yust

    Nicholas Yust is coming to Art Collector Mall! Nicholas Yust | Fine Metal Art was envisioned in 2003 with the idea for a ground aluminum frame. To date, the company has rapidly grown with the sale of over 1000 modern pieces of high quality fine metal art and 100% customer satisfaction among modern and traditional decorators. My fine metal art is collected and displayed around the world, spanning over 40 countries. I am continuously creating new and exciting fine metal art designs to offer my clients a broader range of modern metal art styles and applications. I also strive to develop new skills and capabilities so that I may reach each of your residential and corporate modern metal art needs.

    Nicholas-Yust-Metal-Artist350.jpg reluctance-250px.jpg esne-250px.jpg
  • Lauren Voiers - John Lennon Monument

    Lauren Voiers - Ohio artist selected for the John Lennon monument [CLICK FOR VIDEO]

    The eighteen-foot sculpture entitled ‘Peace & Harmony’ was created by Lauren Voiers, a 19 year-old American artist and fabricated by Lyle London at Art in Metal USA in Tempe, Arizona. Voiers was commissioned by the Global Peace Initiative to create the monument from her original painting, ‘Peace & Harmony”, as a part of the Global Peace Initiative to position sculptures of peace on each continent. The art work was originally situated in a five acre green space in Chavasse Park, but is now located in the public space alongside ACC Liverpool offering a geographical point where people can gather to remember John Lennon and contemplate Lennon's quest for world peace. The sculpture is hand-painted metal with a white glass feather placed at the top.

    Mermaid 36x48 oil 2010-500.jpg Concerto Della Pace 30x40 oil 2010-500.jpg
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